Gates open Every Saturday at 7am Rain or Shine, we do not close unless a severe blizzard or ice conditions make it unsafe to walk around site.


We are a well-established professionally run car boot sale with regular buyers and sellers who come every week but unfortunately like everywhere today pickpockets and thieves are looking for easy targets.

Keep your money on your person and secure always. Don’t leave your money box or tin on display in your car, or better still just use money belt or clothes with secure zips or deep pockets.

If there are two of you, split the money between you. It’s less for one person to carry around with them and if one person goes off to the loo, the person left behind still has change for the customers.

When unloading, and setting up your stall unload low value items first and leave higher value items until last and be prepared to be approached by several buyers as soon as you start to set up. Keep calm & don’t be afraid to ask buyers to wait.

High value items such as phones etc. should not be left casually on your stall but instead display empty box and if you have a genuine customer you can let them see the real item. Keep items securely locked in your vehicle. Car Boot Sale personnel are always readily available do not hesitate to Shout for help, other traders will also look out for each other, so don’t be afraid to engage other sellers.

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Right of Admission

Right of Admission is strictly reserved and at our discression.
An Garda Siochana and Customs visit the market on a regular basis. Items Not Allowed For Sale include but not restricted to

  • NO illegal items.
  • NO Live Animals, Dogs Pups, Cats, Birds etc.
  • NO Fireworks
  • No Alcohol
  • No Tobacco or Cigarettes
  • No Counterfeit items such as clothing or DVD’s
  • No Food or Drinks allowed, there is an on-site café.
  • Management’s Decision Is Final & Not Negotiable.

What Sells best at Athy Car Boot Sale?

Everything pre loved from tools, sports goods, toys, bric-a-brac, pictures, pieces of furniture, jewellery, vinyls, the list is endless. We think it's good to remember a golden rule.... if it's fit for the bin, don't bring it!

It's about turning out what you no longer have a use for.
Most of the goods are pre loved but new goods are also popular as long as they are not counterfeit.

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Pricing Goods For Sale

Be realistic about pricing but don’t give it away. Beware other traders may buy your goods and sell them on for a fair profit, others may try and take advantage of novice sellers,

there are professional buyers and dealers looking for under-priced goods. Decide beforehand what you’re going to charge for each item but be realistic about what you’ll get for it.

Be Prepared to haggle and negotiate, if you’re being haggled down to a price you’re not comfortable with, if it’s early enough in the day it might be worth holding out for someone who’s willing to pay a little more, or later in the day maybe you should consider taking a lower offer or taking the items back home and bring them back to sell another time.

Sometimes it’s better to get rid of your stock and replacing it with more saleable items for the next sale.


Remember to bring small change €1 coins, €5 & €10 also Car Boot Sale personnel are usually nearby to give change to customers. Be careful when counting change,

take your time and don’t let groups of people distract or confuse you.

Stock, make sure it’s clean and presentable, if you have original packaging or boxes use them as items will achieve a higher selling price. Have you got leads for electric items, we have power outlets so items can be shown to be in working order. Some vendors sell batteries so you can show these items are in working order.

Appearance can make a sale. People will look at you & your stall, be open, honest and approachable. Smile and have fun.

We have on site toilets and a restaurant which is open for you convince with take out or eat in available.

Don’t be in a rush to go home early you have invested time and money to be here and there are no prizes for first to go home. When you are loading up to leave again be security aware of your goods and money.

All unsold items must be taken home with you. We don’t want what you can’t sell. You may be able to sell a job lot to other traders otherwise items must be taken home. We do not offer a rubbish removal service and anyone dumping will be reported to Kildare County Council and face an €80 Fixed Penalty Notice. C.C.T.V. on site. Be Warned.

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